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Monday, June 9, 2008

how to be annoying

you can start annoying at age 4. so i annoy Noah most. luka helps me. plus i give NOAH cards so he feels bad for me so he gives me treats.


Anonymous said...

Hi Melissa, I LOVE your blog!!!!

I'm Lesley, a Junie friend of your mom's, and I have four kids - my twin boys are just a bit younger than you (they will be 8 in August) and I don't think they would be able to write a blog like you do. Way to go!


madhaus said...

I agree, part of being a sister is to annoy your brother(s) as much as possible. When I was younger I would go on and on for days about anything rude my brother did. I think I could get three months worth of complaining out of his comments about passing gas. Except he used the rude word, so I could complain more, because he said it in front of my friend.

Please keep letting us know how you get along (or don't) with your brothers.

I'm another Junie friend of your Mom. Your Mom has a lot of cool friends.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Melissa,
Great blog. I'm another Junie mom... my daughter Zoe is the same age as Noah and she has 2 little brothers. They like to bug her a lot.

Have a fun summer!
-Anita in California

Valerie Reid said...

Hey, Melissa. I like being annoying, too. Though some people don't think I'm annoying, they actually think I'm weird! Signed, Spencer.

Hi Melissa -- I'm Spencer's mom and I also know your mom through the June listserv. I love your blog; keep posting!