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Thursday, June 12, 2008

the june moms and me!

wow thanks for doing that. i love to annoy my brothers so much its my life. really it is. Noah is the most fun because he yells and into trouble. lol. ( ~ - its a cyclops!

Monday, June 9, 2008

how to be annoying

you can start annoying at age 4. so i annoy Noah most. luka helps me. plus i give NOAH cards so he feels bad for me so he gives me treats.

starting a sisters day

when i get up i am cranky. so i eat breakfast and go annoy my brothers. then do blogging hee hee. goodbye

Sunday, June 8, 2008

well I really like to say im going to blog enery day!. so bye bye.

my famley

i have a big family. its fun to have it..... i mean its OK. my uncle is nice

my mom

my mom is nice. we do spa nights together its fun really fun. shes all into yarn and stuff. but that's OK...... i guess bye bye

my dad

my dad is great!. i love him. he is the best. he is really tall which is good he can pick me up up and away!.

whats really bad about being a sis

I wish I was an only kid some times. i don't know why. oh well its not getting any better.

all about my brothers

my brothers are fun but annoying. my brother luka is ok. but my brother noah is well fine. luka is 4. i am 8. noah is 11. my name is melissa.