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Saturday, December 11, 2010

More updates on Frankie

His favorite game is fetch so we play that allot. He also likes chewing on his peanut butter filled bone. although he doesn't mind the cats the cats mind him. they hiss at him with claws out! it's a little scary to be honest. but he's a really sweet dog. we have chickens so we had to figure out a plan because dogs will eat chickens at first before i actually got Frankie I thought if we get a dog fence and put it in half the yard so then the chickens will be safe or we could get rid of the chickens and Noah said NO you don't get to give away the chickens but he never does anything with the chickens he just shuts the door at night to the coop and I do everything else,so personally I think he shouldn't get to make that decision but I ended up getting a small dog so we didn't need to do that but now he's all over the dog!

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