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Monday, May 23, 2011

you thinking what I'm thinking?

We all know them the shaky,nervous, and totally smart kids we just guess they're put into this position by they're overachieving cousin their competitive siblings or the other kids also in the head of their feild

But what about those overly supportive parents? Pushing impossible standards in their face. Telling them to do things they failed to do as a child and an adult “I just want you to have a better life than I had” they'll say and that starts the chain because obliviously we're only human and can't be perfect so when that shaky,nervous and totally

smart kid has kids what do you think they'll say? And really can we blame them for pressuring our youth into dust? It is just the experience they had as a kid. But how do we brake the chain? I mean really this gos beyond parenting advice this is changing the way they think about life. If it's possible to really truly change the way you react to everything. Which begs the question,if we know this is the wrong way what's the right way?


Alexandra said...

You are asking some very important questions and making some very keen observations Melissa. I appreciate how you've expressed yourself here, thanks for sharing!

Monique said...

wait ... wut?!